The Winter is back

After a warm winter with almost no snow, the winter came back last night. It has been snowing heavily and we now have about 10 cm of snow on the farm. It is supposed to be very good skiing conditions in the area. We hope the snow last until easter.


Apple gel made of organic apple juice from Amble Gård

Today I have made apple gel from organic apple juice from Amble Gård. The gel is now on glasses ready to be sold in our self-service store for our guests this summer. Apple gel is supposed to be tasty on bread. Here is the recipy I used:

12 dl organic apple juice from Amble Gård

1,5 kg sugar

The juice from 1 lemon

1/2 bottle of fruitpectin

First I boiled the apple juice together with lemon juice and sugar. When it boiled I added the fruitpectin and the mix boiled lively for 1 minute. Afterwards I filled the gel onto warm glasses.


Upgrading the holiday house Borgstuen

The holiday house Borgstuen is this year upgraded with a new kitchen. What was earlier two separate rooms ( kitchen and a dining room) is now made one big room. The new kitchen will be in place for the 2013 season. The entrance to Borgstuen has been moved and a new door makes it possible to step directly out to a sunny garden. Our guests can enjoy the morning coffee with a view to the fjord from the garden or in front of the fire place in the new kitchen. Follow our blog to see the progression in Borgstuen.

“Oppdrag sognefjorden”

Skiing in the region

Two new houses on the farm

Sommeren 2011 stod to nye feriehus ferdige på gården. De to nye husene ligger litt utenfor selve gårdstunet, i et område hvor det tidligere har ligget et museum. Museet, Sogn Folkemuseeum,  ble flyttet for noen år siden til Vestreim, som ligger ca 5 km unna.

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