Fishing in the Sognefjord
As our guests you can try fishing in the fjord from our dock at Amlesanden camping or freely use one of the rowing boats from the dock and try your luck in the bay.

Use of boats
We have rowing boats in the bay which can be freely used by guests in our cabins. The boats are on our dock at Amlesanden camping area. If you want to use a motorboat it is possible for guests in our houses to rent one for NOK 200 per day. You also have to pay for the gasoline you use. You purchase the gasoline for the boats by us.It is located outside the little farmshop in red 5-liter cans. The gasoline costs 100 NOK for 5 liters.

To use the boats, you need a key to the little boathouse. You can get the keys from us. In the boathouse there are lifejackets. You must always bring one for each passenger. These should always be worn. Also remember to bring oars into the boat in the slight chance you could experience engine trouble.

How to use the motors
If you want to rent a motorboat  we are happy to come down with you to the boathouse and show you boats, the equipment and how to start the engine. Please visit our house, Borgstuen to set up a time if you’d like us to accompany you.

Fishing equipment
If you would like to try your luck with fishing, there are fishing equipment in the farmshop that you can borrow free of charge.

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