You can choose between 7 different and traditional houses/ cottages on our farm. All houses lay freely in the nature, without near neighbours. There is beautiful view from all of them to the Sognefjord, glacier and mountains. The houses are all restored during the last years. They are comfortably furnished with a mix of Norwegian farm antiques and new furniture. The houses have beds for 4 – 12 persons.

As our guests you are free to use the “glories” of the farm: There are rowing boats laying by our quay in the Sognefjord. On the estate there are lakes, where you can catch trout. As our guest you do not have to pay fishing licence. By one of the lakes is our old mountain farm, which is at your disposal.

We rent the houses for one or more weeks, from Saturday till Saturday. The prices depend on which part of the year you want to stay here, and which house you choose. Please send us an e-mail, and we answer your questions.

KAARHUSET 1.4-14.10 6 12 3 4
BORGSTUEN 1.4-14.10 4 8 2 2
SAGEBAKKEN 1.4-14.10 4 8 2 2
HESTEHAGEN 1.4-14.10 2 4 1 1
JOGJERDET 1.4-14.10 3 5 1 2
PRESTESTOVA 1.4-14.10 4 7 2 2
SVALESTOVA 1.4-14.10 4 7 2 2
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